Written by Laura Wilson, November 25, 2016

She’s a household name – with books, a career as a barrister, and being a mum and star of the Real Housewives of Melbourne under her belt. She’s now released her second scent, and with that, we were lucky enough to spend 5 minutes with this impressive woman to hear all about it. Fearless – unlike Gina’s first fragrance – is a heady floral, deep and dark with a touch of sweetness, over a woody base.

We thought ‘instant sex appeal’, but let’s leave that description to the woman herself. ‘It’s fruity and floral,’ she says, ‘with citrus and base notes of vanilla, amber and cedarwood for a really beautiful, wholesome strength.’

On the name… ‘Fearless is a word that I live my life by. It doesn’t mean that you have no fear, it just means you rise to the occasion and you come out having conquered your fears. It’s how you deal with your fear.’

On the scent… ‘It was really important to have a scent that matched. I didn’t think you could have such a strong bottle, packaging, colours and branding and then have a soft, subtle scent, so we’ve gone for something that is quite bold.’

Top tips… ‘It’s good to spray it in your hair, and you get the most mileage when you jump out of the shower and your skin is still a bit moist. Spray a little bit on your clothes as well – it’s so affordable.’


Fearless by Gina Liano EDP, $39, chemistwarehouse.com.au

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