Written by Zoë Holloway, December 6, 2016

Something you tend not to do with your exes: re-enact cricket catches in your lounge room and then post a photo of it to Twitter. However, that’s exactly what Andy Lee and his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Harding have done.

The duo were re-enacting Australian cricket fielder Steve Smith’s epic catch on the weekend, but the picture was giving us serious dirty dancing vibes instead.

Fans were quick to notice the pair’s reunion, with many replying with, ‘Are you guys back together?’ and ‘Hope this means they’re back together’.

The photo comes after the couple were spotted looking cosy and familiar at the recent Derby Day races.

A source close to the comedian spilled that following their split ‘he realised he had made a mistake and has been desperate to win her back’.

Well, judging by this couply snap, it seems like he’s done it!

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