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Georgia Loves final four spill on secret kisses, baby talk and more…

Courtney Dober, 30, VIC

‘I don’t love Georgia’


He’s been dubbed the ‘Georgia hog’ of the show by the other lads, but Courtney tells OK! That despite the time he has spent with her so far, he’s still not at peace with his feelings.

‘We had conversations where she asked me how I was feeling and I wasn’t prepared at this stage to look her in the eye and tell her I loved her because I genuinely didn’t feel that,’ he admits. Court hopes everything will become clearer once Georgia meets his siblings (his parents are overseas), who live on Sydney’s Northern beaches.

‘I really want to hear their opinions, my brother Jarrad especially – he’ll be able to smell whether there’s a genuine attraction or not.’


When asked about his hesitation, the bachelor says he wants to remain alert to his surroundings. ‘I didn’t want my feelings to clouded by the situation we were in and base a future relationship on heightened feelings, so I tried to pull myself back,’ he says.

But despite his wariness, Melbourne-based Courtney doesn’t deny that he’s smitten, and even partook in some house-hunting with Georgia! ‘ I took her to a place where I grew up and pointed out houses that I dreamed of one day living in. I asked if she could see us living and raising a family there because that’s what I wanted, and she was very honest in saying it was a place she could grow old.’

Lee Elliot, 35, VIC

‘I’ll be a hands on dad’


There’s nothing Lee values more in life than his family, and the gorgeous Victorian admits that while he’s determined never to settle (more on that later), he’s very keen to have kids of his own.

‘I look forward to everything from sports days to dressing them,’ he tells OK!. ‘My parents were very hand-on with us [Lee and his three sisters], and I have had lots of practice with my three beautiful nieces.’

Getting married is also on the agenda, though he’s adamant he’ll never settle down… but not in the way we might think. ‘I hate the term “settle down” because it implies that you are settling. I want to live my life experience everything it has to offer.’


Discovering that his father had bladder cancer six years ago, before falling ill again last year and having open-heart surgery to receive a new aorta – his dad has now been given the all clear – explains why Lee has such a positive outlook on life, which he says Georgia shares.

‘We have so much in common when it comes to wanting the best out of life, and that’s what I love about Georgia. She isn’t happy just spending the weekend on the couch. We want to be out and doing things, going out to the Yarra Valley or down the coast for lunch, that’s just who we are.’

Matty Johnson, 29, NSW 

‘We’ve already picked baby names’


He’s the charming suitor who’s making Georgia laugh the hardest, and Matty J isn’t shy in admitting that he’s fallen hard for the brunette beauty. ‘Love is definitely a thought in my mind at this stage,’ he admits to OK!, explaining that he’s very close to saying the L-word to Georgia and is definitely considering what life would be like for the two beyond the show.

‘Just seeing her every single day is something I look forward to,’ he confesses. Talking about the future is a conversation the pair regularly indulges in and they’ve even discussed baby names! ‘I asked her if she liked the name Moon, and she was like, “No!” and then I threw a couple of others out like Phoenix, River and Xavier, and she kept shaking her head and then told me she liked more traditional names like Charlotte.. I tried to move that conversation on very quickly,’ he laughs.


Bringing Georgia home to meet his family is an important step for the Sydneysider. He’s only been in love once before and says the opinion of his mother and sister Kate mean the world to him.

‘My parents split when I was younger, so I was brought up by my mum, and my older sister is like a second parent to me,’ he explains, adding, ‘ I think that looking at my mum and dad’s relationship, I want to be the husband that my mum never had.’

What a sweetheart!

Jake Ellis, 30, QLD

‘My sneaky kisses with Georgia’


Queenslander Jake says he doesn’t feel at a disadvantage for not having a second date. ‘Georgia and I would touch base to see if the chemistry was still there, and it was,’ he explains, adding that there may have been a few sneaky kisses, too. ‘There’s a lot that you don’t see,’ he laughs.

Jake reasons that Georgia’s spending more time with the others for a different reason. ‘Maybe what we had together she was sure about, and her needing to spend more time with the others was so she could work out where they stood.’ Either way, he’s excited to introduce her to his loved ones.

Family is something he and Georgia have bonded over from the start, with both of their mums having been diagnosed with cancer. ‘Family means so much to both of us, and her meeting my family and seeing if she fits in is a huge deal, as they are a massive part of my life.’


Jake recently settled back home in Queensland after moving to WA for a girl, and agrees that the living situation post-show might be tricky if he ends up with Georgia, as she’s likely to stay put in Melbourne.

‘A move to Melbourne would all depend on everything that is going on at home,’ he says. ‘Although that’s one city I have always wanted to live in.. and you never know, for the right girl, you would do anything.’

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