Written by Zoë Holloway, October 20, 2016

Last night we said farewell to Australia’s newest crush, Cameron Cranley, as the Bachelorette Georgia Love cut her final five down to four.

And while Cam, 26, is remaining positive about his time on the show, he admits that the whole experience is ‘like a break-up’.

‘You don’t get to see, but we did spend a lot of time together and it is like a break-up. And you are thrown back in the real world, so you are dealing with your emotions as well as the shock of getting back to reality,’ he revealed.

‘I think I was holding myself together. I think I was more in shock than anything. I was like a robot for a while trying to hold it together.’


The fireman from WA also admits that one of the biggest struggles after being booted off the show is everyone ‘thinking you have a secret girlfriend while still recovering from a hectic break-up’.

And while he’d like to stay friends with Georgia, he also admits that ‘you have to respect whoever does go on and win’.

‘How awkward will that be. It would be like, “Hey mate, remember that time I kissed your girlfriend?” You got to be wary of it, but I would like to stay friends if I could.’

And for the single ladies – is Cam ready to date again?

‘It’s so bizarre. I guess I’m OK, I just need to gather my thoughts and I’ll start again.’


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