Written by Zoë Holloway, October 21, 2016

While being eliminated from The Bachelorette should mark the end of the road for all potential relationships with the Bachelorette herself, last night’s evictee Courtney Dober doesn’t see it that way.


Speaking with OK! the 30-year-old CEO confessed that there are ‘definitely still feelings there’ and that he wished he could have met her in the real world.

Gushing about the 27-year-old brunette, he confessed that ‘she’s an incredible person and we did develop something very unique’. ‘It’s not a normal situation,’ Courtney conceded. ‘I’ll never forget the experience and the adventure, and the feelings and connection that we had. That will always be there.’

And as for dating now that he’s back out in the real world? Court confessed that he’s still a little bit hung up on Georgia and seriously wished he’d met her under different circumstances.

‘I told her multiple times that I do wish that I met her in the real world, because I discovered about myself that I am someone who takes a little bit more time to fall in love. I don’t fall in love in three dates,’ he admitted.


‘I told her that I wish we could have developed more organically and that we could go on a fourth date and a fifth date and that we could call each other late at night, hang out at the pub with friends and take it as a relationship runs and that time wasn’t available.’

Unfortunately, the accelerated nature of the show somewhat threw Courtney when it came to expressing his feelings for Georgia, but as for a friendship with the news reporter?

‘I hope so! I would very much like that.’

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