Written by Zoë Holloway, October 27, 2016

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was the most emotional yet, as Georgia Love had to cut her top three down to the final two. Unfortunately, QLD native Jake Ellis was sent packing and OK! sat down with the 30-year-old to chat about what his life has been like since the show.

Were you heartbroken?

I was, it would be impossible not to be. I shared so much about myself and we shared so many moments. It’s hard not to be heartbroken after that.

Were there any tears on your end?

I didn’t cry, I was definitely upset. Putting everything aside, it took a little while to hit me. Everything was such a whirlwind and everything was so amazing, so was Georgia. It hit me a little bit after that it wasn’t see you later, it was a goodbye.

What do you think was your undoing?

The distance… I think it was the distance. We’re both so passionate about our family and especially with her mum not being well and both my mum and dad not being too well I guess it felt like it was down to timing. And with everything going on it would have been a hard obstacle to overcome immediately.

Are you still single?

I’m still looking for that relationship that I thought I had with Georgia… It definitely felt like Georgia and I had ‘THE’ relationship.

I won’t be jumping on Tinder though, it was never really my thing. I won’t be back on any sort of dating app.

Would you try out for The Bachelor?

Yeah, I think I could see that. It is a big role seeing what Georgia has to do it is a lot of stress, but I think doing this first would make it easier.

I would definitely would consider it if I haven’t met the person or the one by then. It’s such an amazing experience working with the guys, the crew was an amazing experience. So if the opportunity did come up and the timing was right I’d definitely consider it. I think it would be an exciting adventure. If I haven’t found the one then I’ll need help by then.

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