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Jesinta Campbell has an enviable figure, but she’s not one to pretend it all comes naturally. The busy model and newlywed, who tied the knot with AFL, star Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin on November 4 Reveals how she does it in her book Live a Beautiful Life­. In this edited extract, the stunning 25-year-old reveals how she keeps fit inside and out.

‘Healthy body means a healthy mind; I do not believe you can have one without the other’, she writes in her book, which includes inspirations, beauty hacks, recipes she swears by and more. ‘If you want to achieve optimum fitness and health there are many pieces of the puzzle… so here are my top tips for a healthy life’.

1: Exercise regularly

Exercise is known to improve your overall wellbeing. Nothing beats the feeling of being fit and strong. Being able to walk up a steep set of stairs without puffing, the ability to run around with your dog in the park without getting exhausted, and fitting into your favourite pair of jeans are the simple things that feel really good when you are fit.

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2: Eat clean, wholesome food

There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to your diet. What I’ve learnt is that balance is key. The trick with nutrition is to find out what works for you. Find where your body sits naturally and comfortably and aim to maintain that. Don’t slave your life away to try to be something you’re not.

My general rule in Monday to Friday I eat wholesome, organic food. Saturday, I like to have a glass of wine, and on Sunday-Funday! – I indulge a little. I have a naughty sweet tooth so I like chocolate or something to satisfy it. I don’t drink soft drink; I never have and recommend that you cut that crap out of your diet ASAP!

I mainly eat fish and chicken during the week. Sometimes I crave red meat so I’ll have that, but not very often.  Vegetables are an absolute must, and if I feel like I haven’t eaten enough in the day I’ll make myself a big smoothie with 2-3 handfuls of spinach in it. For snacks, I make up a batch of protein balls or I eat a variety of nuts, fruit or veggie sticks with a dip like guacamole.

I don’t believe in dieting…I also believe in not making healthy eating a chore- have fun experimenting in the kitchen, invite people over for dinner and always enjoy what you eat!

Eggs with Blanched greens and nuts for lunch today!! YUMMM 🍴🍴 Recipe found in my book #liveabeautifullife @hachetteaus

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3: Hydrate

Hydration is so important for your body to function at its optimum. It sounds super simplistic but not enough people consume enough H2O. For me, water is the cure for everything. Before I take a painkiller for a headache, I make sure I drink one or two glasses of water and wait half an hour, because unless my headache is hormonal it is usually due to being dehydrated.

Before I reach for the 4pm sugar hit, I’ll hydrate as most of the time I am thirsty. Not hungry! The biggest difference I notice when I drink lots of water is that my skin completely changes; it glows.  If you want to increase your consumption of water, here are my simple tricks:

Drink a big glass of water as soon as you wake up. Buy yourself a nice glass or stainless steel bottle and take it with you everywhere you go. Squeeze a bit of lemon in it or add some chopped apple, berries and mint to give it a hint of flavour. Watch your skin change, eyes become brighter and find greater focus simply by increasing your intake of water during the day. It is the top of my list of health priorities.

4: Rest is just as important as a workout

For many years I over-trained and didn’t give my body much rest. I would work out twice a day- it didn’t matter how early or how late I finished work; I would go to the gym both before and after and feel so guilty if I didn’t! I would rarely treat myself to massages or activities that relaxed both my mind and body, like yoga or a nice easy walk out in the fresh air. My body is in the best shape it has ever been and it’s because I have found a routine that works for me –and requires less working out (can you believe it).

That doesn’t mean I don’t work my butt off at the gym, it just means I train smarter and have incorporated balance into my weekly schedule. Sharing my life with a professional athlete has taught me the importance of rest and recovery. For an athlete, their body is their most important career asset. If your body is not at its optimum, you will not be able to perform to you potential and it can be the difference between winning and losing- it’s that simple. Athletes take great care in not only how they train, but how they recover. I have learnt to incorporate rest and recovery into my training schedule by structuring my workouts in a very simple way. I work out hard on one day; have an active recovery alternate day and a full day of rest once or twice a week, depending on how I am feeling.

A workout day for me consists of a hard (usually cardio) one-hour session. This is either running or boxing based. An active recovery day is Pilates or weights, both of which tone my body. On a workout day I leave the gym a hot sweaty mess, I push myself as hard as I can and make sure I leave nothing in the tank at the end. On my active recovery days, my heart rate is raised but I don’t really sweat or get out of breath. On my rest days, I do absolutely nothing. I enjoy movies or TV on the couch or a nice day out with my friends or family. On these days I give my mind and body a complete rest.

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5: Keep tabs on your mental health

A big part of being healthy is awareness of your mental health. Make it a priority to ensure your emotional and mental health is in check. Due to my personal and highly publicised experiences with mental health and the fact that it is something that runs in my family, I don’t have any fear of talking about it and being open about my mental health or helping those around me feel more comfortable talking about it. Because there is such a stigma surrounding mental health, not many people even know where to begin when they’re going through challenging times or how to help someone they know who is in a dark place.

Seeking professional help is paramount. The biggest misconceptions we have when we’re struggling with mental health issues are that we can deal with it ourselves and that it will just go away. Neither of these are true, and in my experience the sooner you can talk to a professional about what you’re going through, the better you will feel. There is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of- one in five Australians experience mental illness. I am not ashamed to say I see a professional regularly myself. I’ve found it really helpful land I feel so much better after a session. I get to download all my worries and stresses, and talk through ways in which I can communicate better, deal with stress, relax my mind and body more, and just feel mentally ‘lighter’.

6: Keep it natural

I decided in my early teens that illicit drug use and binge drinking did not sit well with me. The idea of using drugs or alcohol as a stimulus to give me a high so I could have fun seemed disempowering. Although at the time I had tried neither, I felt deeply they had nothing of great value to add to my life or the lives of others. I learnt very quickly that this choice was a little out of the ordinary and would stand me apart from the ‘cool’ party crowd.

Today, 10 years after making that decision, I am very proud to say I don’t do drugs and I never have. Now I do love to have fun, so part of the adventure of being different from the crowd has helped me define fun in ways I believe are more empowering and lead to a healthier body and mind. Finding my natural highs and keeping my unique ‘cool’ has helped me to grow as a person.

Mostly I love to get outdoors in fresh air and be active. The sunshine has loads of feel-good energy-enhancing vitamin D in it, and keeping my body active keeps my mind fresh. Going for walks, swimming and doing outdoor activities are high on my list. But I encourage everyone to create their own healthy ways to have fun. Find your natural high… be uniquely ‘cool’.

7: Balance

Finding balance in your life is easier said than done. As soon as I left high school I  was so driven and determined to achieve my goals and dreams that I would work weekends and say yes to almost every career opportunity that came my way. I was constantly on planes, in different states every other week. I worked out like crazy and rarely relaxed.

I have learnt that placing that amount of pressure on yourself is unhealthy. Quality time with your friends and family is invaluable and you should always make time for those who love and care for you. Success means nothing if you have no one to share it with.

[Also] sleep is the most undervalued asset in life! I went through a stage in my career when I lived off three hours sleep per night and my health suffered significantly. My skin was terrible; I craved sugar all the time because I was low on energy, I kept getting sick and felt like I constantly had a cold. There are still weeks in my life where I live off hardly any sleep. I have managed to balance this out by ensuring this isn’t a constant occurrence. Everyone should aim for eight hours of sleep a night to maintain optimum health and wellness; no-one likes a tired, grumpy person!

8: Be kind to yourself and others

A healthy body can be a size 6 or a size 16. Embrace what you have and learn to love your perfections and imperfections equally. You are unique; there is no-one else like you in the whole wide world so why try to be someone you are not! I believe in being the best version of yourself and living up to your potential. I believe in having role models and looking up to the people who inspire you. But don’t compare yourself to others… the most beautiful people are those who are happy and confident within themselves, not those who imitate others.

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