Written by Zoë Holloway, November 18, 2016

Tensions between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have been stretched in recent weeks, amid reports that she’s back in touch with her newly single ex Brad Pitt.

But Jen’s not the only one flirting with disaster. Justin’s friendship with French- Algerian actress Sofia Boutella, 34, has raised eyebrows, after the pair struck up a bond in Berlin, where he’s shooting his latest flick Mute.

Last week, Justin posted a saucy Insty snap showing Sofia draped over his shoulders as they played a game of pool. ‘This guy is pretty much the best!’ Sofia wrote on reposting the snap. Justin, 45, later deleted the pic – but not before Jen, 47, caught wind of it. ‘She blew up at him in a series of calls and Skypes,’ a pal says.

It’s easy to see why Jen would be upset, having recently admitted that working on opposite sides of the world can strain the relationship. ‘You have to be so madly in love with [a role to make it worthwhile],’ she said.

Justin only finished work on  The Leftovers in Australia six weeks ago before jetting off to his next project in Germany. ‘She’s annoyed he’s out having fun with other women when he should be home in LA,’ adds the friend.

What’s worse, Sofia is Justin’s type. ‘Sofia is gorgeous and edgy, with a killer body,’ a pal reveals. ‘They’re both always ready to break into dance moves or silent street theatre. Jen worries they’re actually a good match.

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