Written by Zoë Holloway, December 2, 2016

As details surrounding Kanye West’s hospitalisation are slowly emerging, the dramatic 911 phone call made by his doctor has been obtained and published by the Los Angeles Times.

In the recording, the caller – one of the 39-year-old rapper’s doctors – tells the operator, ‘I think, he’s definitely going to need to be hospitalised,’ and even requests police back-up.

‘Yeah I’m actually one of his doctors, I’m just calling from my cell phone. A request if we can have some police backup ’cause I don’t think the paramedics, you know…

‘If you can bring both, yes… I think he’s definitely going to need to be hospitalised, so I wouldn’t just do the police by itself, I think he needs to…’

The 911 dispatcher then advises the doctor to not let Kanye ‘get any weapons or anything like that’.

‘If anything changes, if he does become physically combative between now and when the police and/or paramedics get there, call us back immediately at 911.’

Wow, it sounds like Kanye’s condition might be worse than we thought!

Yeezy was admitted to hospital on November 21 after an onstage meltdown and subsequent cancellation of his Saint Pablo Tour.


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