Written by OK Staff, December 2, 2016

Keep your family quiet
Whether they’re painting her in a flattering light or otherwise, Meghan’s nephew Tyler Dooley and half-sister Samantha Grant blabbing to the media isn’t a good look for the royal family. But
Meghan isn’t the first royal flame to have relatives sharing unwanted comments. When Prince William first began dating Kate, her mum Carole complained about the media attention, saying, ‘I haven’t asked for all this’.


No smoking and boozing in public  
Bet you didn’t know that the Duchess used to enjoy a sneaky cigarette with her drink on a night out? The mum-of-two was a social smoker for years while she was dating Will, but since the pair tied the knot, you’d be hard pressed to find the demure royal taking part in the pastime – and that’s not a coincidence! Since the habit is considered a royal faux pas, Kate has either given it up or is doing a very good job keeping it a secret. And with Meghan spotted enjoying a durry here and there with her tipples, Kate is bound to fi ll her in on the trick to keeping it behind closed doors


Don’ break his heart

The Duchess had stern words with Meghan recently, with our insider quoting Kate as saying, ‘Harry is the best friend I have. If you are serious about him, please remember that you will have to
change to someone you might not even recognise if you want to make him happy! Ask yourself, “Am I willing to give up acting, my family, America, my Instagram account for this man?” Because if you are not, if you think this is a fairytale and not a tough job, please, please let Harry know now!’


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