Written by OK Staff, October 28, 2016

Khloé Kardashian has come under fire in the past for altering her social media images, but she sure isn’t ashamed to admit it.

The 32-year-old reality star has revealed in an interview with People that she likes to use airbrushing apps on the images she shares.

‘Of course, I believe in airbrushing apps… like who doesn’t want to airbrush a thing here or there,’ she explained.

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‘I love FaceTune, that one’s great. I don’t really know of many more, but a filter, that’s like airbrushing. Who doesn’t love a good filter? Sometimes you’re having a bad day.’

Khloé also confessed that she prefers to use filters. ‘I don’t want to see everybody in colour. I need a black and white filter sometimes.’

The star has no hesitation in editing her photos, even after being caught red-handed in February altering her gym selfie, leaving her Instagram followers questioning her authenticity and commenting their dislike.

Khloé hit back by posting the original photo on Instagram and leaving a little message of her own: ‘If only hatin burned calories how dope y’all would be. Too bad it doesn’t. Here’s the OG shot. The petty movement ain’t cute.’

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