Written by OK Staff, November 28, 2016

Is there trouble in paradise for Kyle Sandilands and his girlfriend Imogen Anthony?

Kyle claims he felt like ‘a little p—-’ after Imogen blocked him from attending The Candyman’s notorious annual party on the Gold Coast.

‘I am not allowed,’ he told his KIIS FM radio co-host Jackie O. ‘It was an instant shut-down. Like I mean, crash and burn.’

Dubbed ‘the next Hugh Hefner,’ The Candyman is famous for his outrageous parties. Last year’s bash featured exotic animals, along with dozens of naked women.

But Kyle says Imogen banned him from attending this year’s fun, explaining ‘I know half those s—- that go to that thing.’

He complains, ‘I even said, “Babe, it’s you and me going,” and she said, “Read my lips, not going” and I was like “OK, you don’t have to be such a b—- about it.”’

Things came to ahead when 25-year-old Imogen threatened to walk out on her 45-year-old partner.

‘I tried to pull rank. I said, “Hey, this is a work thing,” and she was like, “If you want me to pack my bags…” he says. ‘I am very annoyed. Do you know how emasculating this is? I fell like such a little p—-,’ he says. ‘I feel like I am living in Iraq five years ago… I would never tell Imogen, “No, you can’t do anything.” I don’t own her, she’s not my pet, but I have to do everything I am told!’

And while Imogen may have won in the end, Kyle says he’s far from happy.

‘This equality thing has come up and bit us in the arse,’ he told a laughing Jackie. ‘We didn’t see this shit coming. It has gone past equality, it is now bullying in reverse.’

Err… whatever you say, Kyle!

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