Written by OK Staff, November 25, 2016

Selena Gomez has revealed her quirky secret to staying ‘healthy’ and ‘focused’, and it’s not quite what we would have imagined.

During an interview with Elle magazine, the 24-year-old revealed she uses a sweat bed. What’s that, you ask?

‘[It] looks like a burrito that I wrap myself up in, and I sweat for about 45 minutes,’ Selena shares.

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 20: Singer/actress Selena Gomez arrives at the 2016 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 20, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

‘You lay in these beds in a sweatsuit, and they wrap you up and you sweat for 45 minutes and it releases all the toxins of your body, and you kind of feel… kind of the equivalent of a sauna, but it gets your heart rate up, and it gets everything flowing in your body.

‘It’s changed my skin, it’s kind of changed my body as well, so it feels really good. That’s kind of been something that works for me personally.’

QUEBEC, CANADA - JULY 12: Selena Gomez headlines Festival D'ete De Quebec on July 12, 2016 in Quebec, Canada. Selena Gomez performs at Scene Bell stage on her last night of her North American tour before heading to Asia for the next leg of her tour. PHOTOGRAPH BY Jules Annan / Barcroft Media London-T:+44 207 033 1031 E:hello@barcroftmedia.com - New York-T:+1 212 796 2458 E:hello@barcroftusa.com - New Delhi-T:+91 11 4053 2429 E:hello@barcroftindia.com www.barcroftimages.com (Photo credit should read Jules Annan / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

The Hands to Myself singer, who spoke candidly post-rehab at last week’s American Music Awards, also confessed that she struggles with her fitness regime.

‘I’m horrible at discipline when it comes to working out,’ she admits. ‘I’m one of those people whose like, “Ah, I ran for five minutes. I think I’m good”,’ adding that trainer Amy Rosoff Davis has been training her this past year to help her get in shape for her tour.



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