Written by OK Staff, October 28, 2016

Slim down for summer. Celeb trainer and Tiffxo.com founder Tiffiny Hall says you don’t have to skip the party season to get fit.


Make a date with fitness

Put it in your diary as an appointment, carve it in stone if you have to, just don’t miss it! You might lose a bit of routine over the party season, but don’t lose your workouts. It’s up to you to make them happen.

Mix it up!

If you lift heavy weights, try boxing; if you’re a cross fit convert, try Pilates. I never do the same exercise two days in a row, and on my TIFFXO program, every single session over the entire month is different.

Time to get real

What thickens the waistline the most over the party season is drinking booze and eating more desert than normal (we’re all guilty here). Try to enforce alcohol-free days, alternate your drinks with sparkling water, avoid sugary mixers, and always split your deserts between two.

Embrace the summer spreads

Summer food really lends itself to eating lean. You crave less comfort bowl-type foods and it’s much easier to stick to grilled or barbecued meats or fish and fresh salads.

Get intense

High-intensity Interval training (or HIIT) is another love of mine. It requires 20-30 seconds of exercise, followed by 10-20 seconds of rest. Repeat for approximately 20 minutes. This type of exercise boosts your metabolism more than your average workout and burns fat overall.

Tiff’s anytime, anywhere workouts

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push from the hips and twist your torso to power the punch, stopping at your chin.do both sides. Controlling the punch will tone your arms.


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