Written by Zoë Holloway, June 24, 2016

The Victoria’s Secret Angel says it’s all about finding balance…

Is it hard finding time to switch off as a working mum of two?

When I have some downtime I roll out my mat and do yoga. Especially because I travel so much, it gives me energy.

Do supermodels enjoy working out?

I hate going to the gym! So I always do a class.

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What workouts do you enjoy?

Pilates, and also barre classes. If I’m not working I try to exercise almost every day, but if I’m travelling, then at least four times a week.

What are your favourite go-to snacks?

I love green juices and eat avocado every day… I just try to eat as fresh as possible. Obviously I love chocolate and a cake here and there.

Would you say that you have a sweet tooth?

I used to be all about sweets, but after my pregnancy, I changed. Now I’d rather have a miso soup than chocolate. If I want a piece of cake I’ll have one, but I don’t need to have the whole cake.

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