Written by OK Staff, August 25, 2016

Social media trolls have been out in force in recent weeks, letting their opinions be known when it comes to single mum Alex Nation, 24, who is a favourite to win The Bachelor and the heart of WA rope access technician Richie Strahan, 31.

The Victorian mother of five-year-old Elijah has received comments about her apparent ‘forwardness’ when it comes to winning over the show’s leading man, plus she’s caused a stir with a series of risque modelling shots that have been unearthed. However, Alex says she’s not phased and has never let the haters get to her, particularly when it comes to body issues.


‘A woman’s body is beautiful no matter what shape or size, and if you want to flaunt it that’s OK,’ she insists.

Being body confident is something Alex says she’s ‘extremely proud’ of, especially considering she had a tough time as a teen because of her naturally slender figure.

‘When I was in high school people used to tease me about looking anorexic, [and] girls would call me a bean shoot,’ she explains, adding, ‘I think stuff like that comes down to jealousy – I’ve never been anorexic, I’ve never had an [eating disorder].’

The svelte venue manager says that her fit physique is all thanks to living a healthy lifestyle. ‘I’m not a diet person,’ Alex reveals. ‘I just think if you eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise, you’ll be fine.’


While she kept her fitness in check by going for runs in the Bachelor mansion, Alex admits she did put on ‘a kilo here and there’ because of the types of snack foods on offer, and the fact that eating was very much a coping mechanism for her.

‘It’s a bit hard trying to keep away from all the yummy treats in the house, especially at times when you’re feeling a little bit emotional,’ she confesses. ‘You want to emotionally eat your feelings,’ she says.

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