Written by Sara Bordon, February 19, 2016

When Allison Williams wed her long-time partner Ricky Van Veen last September, she was the epitome of serenity.

However, the same can’t be said for her on-screen Girls character, Marnie Michaels, who we’ll see walk down the aisle when the show returns for its fifth season!

Stunning as Marnie might be, she’s far from chill – and Allison, 27, admits she relished the opportunity to bring out the bridezilla…

You had your fair share of being a bride last year…

Twice a bride in one year. What an odd accomplishment, and what a difference between ’em!

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How did your wedding differ from Marnie’s?

I was a very different bride than Marnie, thank God! I think a lot of people showed up to my wedding expecting more Marnie than they got.

Was it fun to tackle a wedding from a bridezilla’s perspective?

It’s so fun to be able to turn that dial way up and leave it there.

The whole fam damily. #MarnieGetsMarried #GIRLSSeason5

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We hear you’re a huge fan of The Bachelor!

I would not be married to my husband if it weren’t for this show. We went to a viewing party every week, and it was like a big group date, but with both genders equally distributed – it was how we met up. So the viewing party was at my friend Lee Eisenberg’s house. And he has a couch where we always watch[ed] the show. And that’s where Ricky proposed to me – on Lee Eisenberg’s couch!

Any plans to start a family?

I’ve known I wanted to be a mum ever since I was a baby. Jemima [Kirke, who has two children] from Girls is always saying, ‘Just get pregnant! Just have a baby!’

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