Written by Sara Bordon, February 3, 2016

Wait, what just happened?!

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have surprised us all by posting a selfie together, just days after the model and Kanye West were caught in a fiery Twitter feud.

Amber, 32, shared the snap on with the caption ‘Swingers’, while Kim, 35, followed up with the same image and wrote, ‘Tea anyone?’.

Tea anyone?

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Wow, so no hard feelings then?

The pair’s surprising February 1 meeting comes after Amber and Kim’s hubby Kanye, 38, were taking part in a vicious online feud last week, following Kanye’s argument with Amber’s ex, Wiz Khalifa.

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After Amber and Kim met up, the 32-year-old joined bestie Blac Chyna – who also happens to be Kim’s brother Rob’s new girlfriend – at a strip club, where she was overheard talking about the friendly catch up.

‘Amber was bragging to friends about what a mature thing Kim did,’ an insider revealed.’Kim called her up and invited her to her mum’s [Kris Jenner] house to talk. They squashed all beef and they really got along, Amber thinks Kim is great.’

Now that the two ladies have put aside their differences, it looks like Kanye has also made amends with Wiz, tweeting that they had ‘spoke yesterday’ and had a ‘great convo’.

While things seem to be cleared up between Amber, Wiz and the Wests, the drama between Rob, Blac and the Kardashian family seems to be getting nastier by the day!

Stay tuned!

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