Written by Zoë Holloway, April 18, 2016

Johnny Depp’s wife, Amber Heard, appeared in a Gold Coast court today to plead guilty to falsifying border protection documents, for which the charges have now been dismissed.

The charges were a result of Amber, 29, bringing her and Depp’s Yorkshire terriers Pistol and Boo into Australia via private jet, and bypassing quarantine requirements.

The two arrived for the hearing in high spirits as Amber smiled and acknowledged reporters and Johnny, 52, signed autographs for eager fans who had come out to see the actor.

The incident famously made global headlines last year when Agriculture Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, said he’d have the two pooches put down if they didn’t ‘bugger off’ back to the U.S.


Shortly after their return to the States, Johnny spoke about the incident on Jimmy Kimmel Live! choosing to laugh it off, and referring to Joyce as a ‘weird, sweaty-pated gut man’.

When further asked about rumours that Amber could face jail time, he said ‘If they did that I’d just fly to Australia and assault that man, so that I could go to jail.’

The whole scenario has become a somewhat-joke for Depp, who in addition to joking that he’d smuggled ‘other things’ into Australia, reportedly also had to be nudged awake by his wife in court this morning!

Poor sleep-Depprived Johnny.


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