Written by Zoë Holloway, April 26, 2016

What are friends for if not to bring you back down to earth?

In a hilarious new vid uploaded to accompany Jennifer Lawrence’s recent US Vanity Fair interview, the magazine asked funny-woman Amy Schumer to ‘fact-check’ some of her BFF Jennifer’s answers.

When Jen sat down with the mag to discuss subjects like her annoying habits, friendship with Amy and upcoming screenplay, she probably didn’t think that she’d later have her pal critiquing her responses. Like the one where she says, ‘It’s never not cool to just be the nice girl,’ as Amy then replies tongue in cheek, ‘That’s really sweet, but Jen’s the meanest person I know…’.

Addressing everything from Jen’s mean streak  to using a bidet, check out 34-year-old Amy giving her 25-year-old BFF a hard time below.

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