Written by Zoë Holloway, October 11, 2016

The Australia’s Next Top Model house in inner-city Sydney is abuzz with beauties when OK! arrives for a photo shoot with the top 10 model hopefuls.

‘There’s no quiet time here – this is a house full of girls, there’s a lot of squealing, it’s like High School Musical,’ explains Sydney contender Daisy, 20.  ‘I’ve even got earplugs, and they don’t work!’

Besides the opportunity to pose up a storm in front of our cameras, the gang appear happy for some company from the world outside of the ANTM bubble, where the rules stipulate that mobile phones and watching TV aren’t allowed, and contact with loved ones is limited to a five-minute phone call once a week.

While the living arrangements might be an adjustment, three weeks into the show, the posse of pretties seem to be coping just fine with their new lot in life – friendship circles of positivity and
near-nude dance parties included!

[1637] Australia's Next To Model - Top 10

Linnea, Aleyna & Sabine – ‘The competition’s tough!’

Most of the girls agree that Aleyna and Sabine are their toughest competition. ‘Sabine has the most striking looks, but everyone in the house is unique,’ explains 17-year-old Linnea through sniffles (she has a cold and still looks stunning!).

However, Newcastle stand-out Aleyna, also 17, is humble when it comes to the compliments directed her way. ‘I think we are all in the same boat,’ says the young glamour girl, who left school
for the chance to take out ANTM’S 10th title. ‘Everyone here is definitely tough competition.’

Byron Bay native Sabine, 18, tells OK! that modelling is her main priority moving forward, a fact her boyfriend of six months isn’t going to be too happy about when she gets home. ‘I think I’m
going to break up with him,’ she tells OK!. ‘We’ll be good friends, we’re too young anyway and I need to focus on my career.’

[1637] Australia's Next To Model - Top 10

Kassidy, Belinda & Christy – ‘It gets wild in here!’

Downtime in the house is a mix of feuds and fun, tells Wagga Wagga beauty Belinda, 18. ‘We got spray tans and all had to be pretty much naked walking around the house, so we decided to have a big dance party,’ she shares. ‘We’ve had some pretty crazy times in here.’

Queenslander Christy, 18, says living in a house full of girls isn’t always festive. ‘I’ve been living away from home for two years riding horses and then hairdressing, so this house is like nothing I’ve experienced before… I’m still getting used to it.’

Not one to mince words, Belinda explains, ‘Let’s face it, there’s bitchiness and screaming matches, but that’s just because we’re together all the time, and once we’ve had a yell and got it out, it’s fine. All of us are good friends at the end of the day.’

Newcastle stunner Kassidy, 19, explains that living in the house is ‘the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life’, but like all of the girls, insists it’s a small price to pay for the chance to realise her dreams.

[1637] Australia's Next To Model - Top 10

Vitoria, Jordan, Daisy & Jessie – ‘We all have down days’

Despite their stunning smiles and boisterous personalities, the models-in-training admit they face some very serious struggles. ‘I went through a rough patch and it got to a stage where it was almost too late,’ shares Brazilian beauty Vitoria, 25.

Pal Jordan, 20, has ‘bonded’ with judge Megan Gale after calling out body bullies, while Jessie, 22, adds, ‘Accepting my body… has been difficult because I was always the tall, skinny girl.’

Daisy’s history of anxiety has made the show challenging at times. ‘Out in the real world I have it under control, but here with the stress and pressure, it’s been hard to manage. I just need my alone time.’

A little help from friends goes a long way. Vitoria explains, ‘We sat around the TV area in a circle and each of us said a positive thing about the other girls. It was beautiful.’


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