Written by Zoë Holloway, May 23, 2016

Be careful what you reveal on Tinder, folks!

This is a lesson that should have been taught to a Sydney-based TV producer who, while flirting with a single gal on Tinder, accidentally revealed to paparazzi the secret filming location of The Bachelor’s finale.

The unidentified Warner Bros producer mentioned to his potential lover that he wouldn’t be able to meet up with her as he was ‘flying overseas to film the finale of a reality show’, and now what might have been an attempt to humble brag has turned into a logistical nightmare for The Bachelor’s cast and crew, as the girl was at the home of a Sydney paparazzo during the exchange.

The snapper told the woman to ask specific questions, like, ‘What time is your flight?’ in an attempt to narrow down where the finale could be filmed. However, things really unravelled when the producer continued to use Tinder upon landing. With the app recalculating your distance from your matches as you move around, he unknowingly revealed the top secret location.

Naturally, paps jumped on the next flight and now Channel 10 has been forced to delay filming, as well as send half the crew to Thailand in an attempt to put off keen Bachelor paps.


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