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[1643] Bachelorette Boys

Georgia Love certainly has her work cut out for her when it comes to the suave suitors on The Bachelorette. With disarming smiles, buff bods and charm for miles, they drew the OK! team in as soon as we arrived at the mansion for our exclusive photo shoot.

Melbourne bachelor Lee, 35, explains why the house is a love-fest. ‘All the guys here are awesome – you just want to go up to them and be like, “God, I love you!”’ he shares, adding, ‘I don’t envy Georgia and her decision at all.’ And after a day with the guys, neither do we!

[1643] Bachelorette Boys

Courtney, Jake, Clancy & Matt D: ‘We’re all jealous of Jakey’

There’s a lot of ribbing going on among the guys when it comes to who’s won over Georgia thus far, and it’s pointed in the direction of sales professional Jake, 30, who scored the first date. ‘He’s head over heels – he’s got this in the bag for sure,’ laughs medical sales rep Clancy, 29.

Industrial designer Courtney, 30, isn’t convinced. With his first impression rose tucked away in a snap-lock bag (hoping it’ll dry out!), he says Georgia is perfect for him. ‘She’s stunning… the type of girl I definitely go for,’ he shares.

After recently coming out of a five-year relationship, settling down is a priority for Court. ‘All my friends are getting married and having kids… but I knew I’d be the last, I’m quite a late
bloomer, I mean, my voice didn’t break until I was 21,’ he laughs.

[1643] Bachelorette Boys

Both Jake and security specialist Matt D, 29, are all for wedded bliss, too; however, Clancy says it isn’t really his thing. ‘I’d do it to make her happy. l don’t think marriage defines a relationship,’ he admits.

However, Jake also admitted that discovering that both of their mothers had been diagnosed with cancer brought him and Georgia closer together. He tells, ‘We shared some pretty deep things’.

And while Jake’s mum is in remission after her fifth breast cancer diagnosis, and his father, who had a double lung transplant two years ago for a deteriorating lung disease, is also stable, he’s ready to head home if need be. ‘If anything were to happen, I would leave [the mansion] and be there.’

Rhys, Matty J, Sam & Ryan: ‘Georgia should be careful!’

[1643] Bachelorette Boys

Despite the bromance being strong in the mansion, some of the guys have a few words of warning for Georgia. WA sailing coach Ryan, 28, says, ‘I feel like some of the guys here are boys and some of them are men’.

Electrician Sam, 27, feels a few of the lads are fake. ‘Some guys are practically forcing themselves onto Georgia… I would rather get booted from the show than pretend I’m someone I’m not or make stuff up,’ he tells. The show’s ‘villain’ also admits that he isn’t usually one for long-term relationships and hasn’t been in one since his early twenties. ‘I’m on every dating app known to man and I  can find a girl pretty quickly. If I have fun with her we just hang out, nothing official. I get bored.’

Entrepreneur Rhys, 29, assures that most of the gang are staying true to a pact they made earlier on. ‘We talked about respecting each other and Georgia while we’re here, it was a gentleman’s agreement, so we are all pretty well behaved.’

[1643] Bachelorette Boys

Sam admits he and marketing manager Matty J, 29, have been getting up to a little mischief, though. ‘We had a few tricks up our sleeves… we are running the show.’ Matty, who quit his job (after two weeks!) to join the series, admits that while it might be all fun with the boys, he’s very serious about Georgia. ‘I can definitely see something between us, we have the same values, and I might sound like a 12-year-old boy saying this, but when we held hands it was really, really nice.’

Cameron, Tommy & Lee: ‘Being single sucks!’

[1643] Bachelorette Boys

Cameron, Tommy and Lee are pinching themselves about getting the chance to date Georgia. ‘You just want to spend more and more time with her, she’s amazing,’ says ‘girlfriend guy’ Cam, 26.

Charming Lee has been lucky enough to have had a single date with Georgia and hopes the spark between them grows – it’ll get his gran off his back at least! ‘There’d be no-one happier than my grandma if I fall in love,’ chuckles Lee. ‘She posted a picture on Facebook of my 15-year-old cousin with his girlfriend and a message saying, “Lee, we wish it was different for you, but we love you all the same.” I was like, jeez, I just got burnt for being single by my grandma!’

[1643] Bachelorette Boys

After a tough run on the ‘difficult’ dating scene, employment coach Tommy, 32, has been single for nearly 10 years. However, his cluckiness keeps him going, saying ‘I’d love to have kids. I’d even like to adopt.’

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[1643] Bachelorette Boys  

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