Written by Zoë Holloway, September 26, 2016

The male model with a penchant for poetry, Rhys Chilton, is just one of the 16 men who have been vying for Georgia Love’s affections on The Bachelorette.

However, the self-assured 29-year-old has admitted that he’s gone into the show with a strategy – play up his deep, sensitive side for the cameras to avoid being manipulated via editing.


‘I’m super-strategic about all that,’ he says. ‘I think the best protection in a show like this is to, instead of letting them [the producers] paint you how they want, give them something else.’

While faking a nice-guy persona may not be the best way to genuinely win over a woman, Rhys is convinced his strategy will work, saying: ‘So, instead of them going, “Oh, we don’t have a character for Rhys – we’ll make him into the arsehole of the group”, I’m giving them something on a platter: the romantic, deep guy who’s really good-looking and has a good chest!’


But while Rhys may try to come across as ‘romantic’ on the show, a score of women have come forward claiming that the ladies’ entertainer from QLD is anything but. South Australian woman Cass Fowler reveals that Rhys sent her nude Snapchats while he had a girlfriend, and that he hooks up with women via Instagram – a platform the model has also written a book about.


Well, we see why he wanted to change his persona now!


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