Written by Zoë Holloway, September 1, 2016

The mansion’s residents reveal what really goes on!

After six weeks of living together and dati   ng the same guy – that lucky man being Richie Strahan, 31 – it’s little wonder that the dramas in The Bachelor mansion went beyond what we’re seeing on the screen.

While Noni Janur, 25, tells OK! that the girls were going crazy over Richie’s favouritism of Nikki – ‘Everyone was mentally f—ing themselves with the fact that Nikki was going to win,’ she reveals – there were plenty of other incidents keeping the ladies on their toes…

Tears on tap

According to Steph Dixon, 25, the ladies cried over everything. ‘I think it was hormones, but at one stage I was sitting there crying and Faith was across from me crying, and we looked up at each other and said, “What are we even crying about?”‘

Olena’s silent treatment

Olena Khamula, 23, is the show’s woman of mystery, and it was no act. ‘Olena never gave anything away,’ shares Kiki Morris, 28, while Noni says the Ukrainian-born beauty ‘used to sit in the TV room and not talk to anyone’.

The Bachelor S4 Ep11 Olena

Diva Alert

Rachael Gouvignon, 31, isn’t afraid to share her opinion – especially when it comes to her wardrobe! ‘Rachael is very particular with the dresses that she had to choose from, so it could take a bit of time getting ready,’ shares Kiki.

Richie was so ‘horny’

‘If you don’t put out, you get out,’ says one of the girls. Noni says the copious amounts of kissing turned her off. ‘I get it, he’s probably horny, but kissing so many girls, it just makes you look bad.’

‘Selifsh winner’ Nikki

Leaked pictures of face Nikki Gogan, 28, kissing Richie after the highland Games date have emerged, and one of the girls tells OK!, ‘Nikki was selfish, they were kissing all the time.’

The Bachelor S4 Ep11 Single Date - Richie and Nikki (2)

Plastic Parties

Tiffany Scanlon, 29, moved to Geraldton to be with her ‘love’ Megan Marx, 27, and now Noni reveals, ‘They are weird together. Like they Glad Wrapped themselves one day and jumped in the pool.’


You couldn’t have friends

‘There were secret friendships,’ shares date crasher Steph. ‘Some of the girls didn’t like the idea of you getting too close and would try to get between friendships.’

The hidden truth

Kiki tells OK! she’s not happy with the show’s final edit. ‘I’m frustrated in the fact that what is being shown to the viewers is very different to what actually happened,’ she says.

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