Written by Zoë Holloway, August 12, 2016

Bachelor Richie Strahan, 31, is a very lucky man! His remaining bevy of beauties are confident, not only in their quest for love, but in their own skin, and he’s no doubt going to have a ‘total babe’ on his hands at the end.

Glamming up for OK!’s exclusive photo shoot, The Bachelor’s top 11 ladies have zero reservations when it comes to talking about their bodies – from food tips, to plastic surgery confessions and body struggles they’ve faced.

Brisbane girl Faith is first to open up. ‘Everyone started to realise that they were putting on weight in the house and was freaking out,’ explains the 26-year-old. ‘We actually did up this little book and wrote our names, took our measurements and weights and called it “The Bachie Loser”. Those of us who were involved would look out for each other and say something if we started eating crap, and it actually kind of worked!’

Kiki, 28, & Noni, 25


The mansion is a food trap according to bubbly babes Kiki and Noni. ‘There’s all this junk in the house, so it’s hard to watch your weight,’ says QLD swimwear designer Noni, 25.

‘It’s tough,’ adds NSW PA Kiki, 28, who rarely indulges. ‘Even when i get a pizza, it’s going to be the gluten-free base with no cheese,’ she admits.

While both ladies are comfy in their own skin, Keeks admits it’s taken her a while to get there – with help from breast enhancement surgery. ‘I used to get teased for being so flat-chested,’ she reveals, adding, ‘Getting the augmentation a few years ago – and I didn’t go over the top, they are only a C-cup – definitely made me feel less self-conscious.’

Sasha, 31


Is Sasha, 31, sabotaging the others with her Russian cooking? ‘It’s a little bit fatty,’ laughs the Victorian executive assistant. Sasha swears by portion control, especially since losing 10 kilos before the show.

Rachael, 31


‘While the girls eat lollies, I carry around almonds,’ shares support worker Rachael, 31. But the WA bachelorette has one hang-up: ‘My least favourite body part has to be the thunder thighs.’

Faith, 26


Without access to the great outdoors – Faith’s fave place to work out – there was no way to burn off the snacks she consumed in the mansion. ‘There’s food everywhere and it’s easy to snack when you’re not even hungry,’ tells the 26-year-old hairdresser.

Nikki, 28, Megan, 27, Alex, 24


‘Emotional eating in the house is a very real thing, especially when a girl leaves,’ shares real estate agent Nikki, 28. The WA beauty keeps her cravings in check by having a choc fix every day. ‘I’ll have a small piece of dark chocolate so I don’t go overboard.’

Single mum Alex, 24, kept busy in the mansion: ‘I love to run and it was a good way to clear my head.’
While she’s happy with her body, she admits, ‘I’d consider getting my boobs done – breastfeeding [my son] has changed them.’

WA health promotions officer – and diving fanatic – Megan, 27, says, ‘I’m in a bikini almost every day back home. As for owning the ‘biggest bazookas’ Keira’s ever seen, Megan says she’s OK with plastic surgery. ‘If there’s something you want to change, I say go for it!’

Georgia, 24, Keira, 30, Olena, 23


Say hello to the mansion’s unofficial fitness instructor, Keria! ‘I do a lot of yoga so the girls often asked me to run them through a class. I’m not qualified, but you know, it’s hilarious,’ laughs the 30-year-old.

Pal Georgia, 24, says role-playing was a big hit among the ladies. ‘We’d pretend we were out to brunch or grabbing a coffee,’ she chuckles. however, unlike her housemates, the artist steered clear of the sweets. ‘I follow the blood-type diet and treat my body like a temple,’ she tells.

Stunning makeup artist Olena credits ‘good genes’ for her fine frame. ‘I do love healthy eating,’ admits the 23-year-old, ‘but if you stick a Tim Tam in front of me, I’m not going to say no!’



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