Written by Laura Wilson, March 18, 2016

We couldn’t go past this gorgeous campaign, featuring one of our favourite Australian models and one of our favourite Australian brands, without bringing your attention to their cute new packaging and latest venture into luxury e-tailer, Net-a-Porter. Say hello to Lanolips, the iconic brand known for their lanolin-based lip and body balms. Montana Cox is fronting the campaign with fashion blogger Nadia Fairfax, and we caught up with Creator and CEO, Kirsten Carriol and Monty backstage on the shoot.

What’s the campaign about and why Monty and Nadia?
“The campaign was about capturing the spirit of a fresh, natural, confident Australian beauty icon,” says Kirsten. “It started with Nadia- whose personality is so infectious and cheeky- and we chose Montana together. Nadia and Montana are friends, so there was a great chemistry there, as well as Montana having those killer cheekbones.”

What influenced the change of packaging?
“We are serious about skincare, and I didn’t want the product’s message overwhelmed with too-pretty packaging. We’ve also won awards around the world now and I felt an iconic, natural Australian skincare brand needed a new, natural, Australian and iconic look. This is it!  We’ve grown up.”

Montana adds:
“I love the brand. I’m really natural with my products and what I use. Lanolips is the quintessential Australian brand- natural, which is amazin​g​- and I can use the multi-purpose products anywhere. I put a bit on the eyes, on the cheeks and I use the moisturiser all over. It’s a very Australian look- natural and glowing- and I’m all about that.”

Favourite product in the range:
“The 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm. I can use it anywhere – for highlighting, as a lip gloss, on my decolletage, eyelids, eyebrows. It really is multi-purpose!”

Quirky tips or tricks with Lanolips:
“My eyebrows are a big part of my look and they’re very unruly. I use this trick all the time: I dab Lanolips 101 Ointment onto a clean mascara wand to push my eyebrows back into place. If I didn’t they’d stick up all day.”

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Photos: Michelle Tran
Hair and make up: Filomena Natoli

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