Written by Zoë Holloway, September 23, 2016

Last night we said farewell to The Bachelorette’s most loveable, kooky character: Ben ‘nervous poo’ Lyall.


And while he may have failed to win the heart of this year’s Bachelorette, Georgia Love, the 32-year-old miner from Wollongong definitely didn’t fail to win the hearts of the nation.

When speaking with OK! following his departure from the show, Ben admitted that, ‘You either love me or hate me, and she didn’t love me as much as the others.’

And just how much did Ben like the other boys in the mansion? ‘All the guys there are legends,’ he says.

Despite spending such a short amount of time in the house, Ben arrived prepared for the long haul, admitting, ‘I brought a tambourine and other random stuff. I brought Jenga, a lot of stuff that wasn’t necessary,’

‘I was loving it in the mansion. I would be up at night sitting in my bed going, “Just how awesome is this guys!”’ I was like a little kid in a candy store. The hardest thing was finding someone that wanted to stay up as late with me. I think that they were on a roster; they did shift work keeping me company. I would then be up early telling them how exciting it all was!’


He also admits that while Rhys only wore clothes he brought himself, Ben packed his bags full of costumes: ‘I brought a few costumes into the house and got them out for the guys. I had a blow-up unicorn you can stand in. I also had a wig and a dress and I was going to dress up and pretend to be Georgia and we were going to do a bit of role playing, but we never got around to it.’

Oh, and as for the poo comments? Ben admits that, ‘Maybe I could have eased into it, [but] if she can’t handle that she definitely isn’t going to like me.’

Never change, Ben.

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