Written by Zoë Holloway, July 1, 2016

It’s no secret that break-ups can be hard, and it could be made all the more difficult if you’re a celebrity facing heartbreak with the world watching.

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift only broke up last month, and while Taylor has been spotted gallivanting all over Europe with her new beau, Tom Hiddleston, Calvin has only spoken about the break-up through a slew of direct Instagram replies saying ‘she controlled the media’ and that he was now ‘FREE’.

However, now it seems that the 32-year-old has decided to take his new relationship status as public as Taylor, and the message is clear – he is very much single.


Ensuring that the public knows that he is doing A-OK following their split, the DJ has been snapchatting himself partying with a bevy of brunette beauties on a yacht in Cabo, and has even been spotted chatting up a host of gorgeous women in a club.

It must be hard watching your ex pash her new man outside of the Colosseum, but in an Instagram post earlier today, he brushed off all break-up drama and chose to focus on his music. Posting a photo of himself holding his Ivor Novello Songwriter of the Year award, he captioned the pic:

‘TBT when i won songwriter of the year at 2013 Ivor Novello awards. I got this for writing words, melodies, and music. This post is for my own sanity. God bless.’

Fans were supportive too, commenting on the post with words of encouragement for his newfound singledom.

You do you, Calvin.


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