Written by OK Staff, June 2, 2016

After Charlotte Crosby’s bombshell baby confession on May 31, her cheating ex, Gary Beadle has decided to share his side of the story, which funnily enough, is exactly how Char explained it.

It all began back in April, when 26-year-old Geordie Shore favourite Charlotte suffered from a secret ectopic pregnancy while her baby daddy and on-off boyfriend Gaz, 28, jetted off to Thailand to film Ex On The Beach.

But while Charlotte was being rushed to the emergency room, Gary cheated on her… on camera!
‘I did say I wouldn’t do anything abroad and [we’d] speak when I returned to the UK. That is true,’ he courageously admits in his online confession.


‘I got to Thailand, which you’ll all get to watch soon. The first night, I got smashed and ended up in bed with someone. I’m not going to deny that.

‘The next day, I was around the pool and got told I needed to take an emergency phone call. It was MTV saying that Charlotte had been rushed to hospital.’

Gary tells fans that he planned to get on the next flight back to the UK, but instead, he was allowed access to a phone which meant he didn’t need to tell Charlotte about his poorly timed infidelities straightaway.

‘Obviously, with her lying in bed back home, going through what I cannot even begin to imagine, I couldn’t tell her what had just happened. My main concern was making sure she was OK.

‘I made sure every day I could speak to Charlotte at a certain time, to check in on her, ask what the doctors were saying and if she had made progress. I didn’t even know what an ectopic pregnancy was,’ he admits.

‘We spoke every day until day six, when someone had told her about the first night, which I did not want to come out while I was over there. I wanted to tell her myself. Let’s face it, I couldn’t have kept it a secret. It was on camera.

‘On day seven, we had a massive argument on the phone. Charlotte thought I had found out about the pregnancy, then slept with someone. I hadn’t. It was the day before I knew anything.’
During Charlotte’s hospital stay, doctors told her she almost died, so to prevent her from further suffering, Gaz tells fans that he refrained from intercourse with other women for a whole seven days.

‘I know that doesn’t make it any better, but I’m telling you the facts. After day one, over those next seven days, I didn’t do anything.’

To finish his open letter to fans, he confirmed what Charlotte already had – IT’S OVER!

‘After five years of knowing Charlotte, I am devastated it’s all ended like this. She’s right, there’s no coming back from it. I wish her all the best and hope she finds someone in the next chapter of her life. I’m sorry it ended the way it did.’

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