Written by Zoë Holloway, October 4, 2016

Georgia Love is currently on a quest to find the man for her on The Bachelorette – but has she already got one?

According to reports, the 28-year-old Victorian is in a relationship with policeman Nick Grubb.


‘She promised that what he would see on TV would be an act and that her heart belonged to him,’ says an insider.

‘They both knew it wasn’t ideal, but she had always wanted to be famous so Nick agreed to support her dreams.’

However, Georgia has since spoken out, insisting it’s all a bunch of phooey.

‘There is absolutely no truth to the claim that I am in a relationship with Nick Grubb, as an article published in New Idea infers,’ she says. ‘It is completely false and fabricated. There is no secret pact nor has there been secret messages. Nick and I went on a few dates early this year and even though a relationship did not develop, we have remained friends.’

Well there ya go, seems like there’s still hope for the 10 boys remaining on The Bachelorette.


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