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He’s shown us his charming hosting abilities on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and now, could Dr Chris Brown be up for the top gig on Australian Survivor?

OK! got all the goss from Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris as they head back into the jungle for a second time!

So it’s back to the jungle again – are you both looking forward to it?

Julia: I’m so overexcited about returning to our heavenly spot in South Africa. I’m not even sure that I’ve completely emotionally returned from trip one.

Chris: Loving animals like I do, it’s the best place in the world for me. I get to deal with wild animals on four legs and two legs. I have more success keeping one of those under control than the other.

Are you planning to do anything differently this time around?

Chris: This time I’m staying away from the poo milkshakes [Chris vomited last season after trying a jungle smoothie made from fermented milk, fish guts and live maggots].

Julia: I don’t know, I might harass the doctor slightly less, but by slightly I mean I might give him half a day off. The rest of the time he needs to batten down his private hatches.

We hear your family will be joining you over there this time, Julia.

They will be. We didn’t tell my little women the good news until Christmas Day. They’ve been begging me to go. I said, ‘Get back – off my real estate!’ But they’re desperate to get on television. And Sophie, my littlest, can’t even look at Dr Chris. She kind of just leans on stuff and looks at him lovingly.

Chris: My dad is coming over and hopefully this year it’ll be a better experience for him.When he came over last year, he watched an episode being filmed and it just happened to be the one where Lauren Brant was sniffing her fiancé’s shirt. Julia and I decided to replicate it by me taking my shirt off and Julia sniffing it. It went well, the crew were in hysterics, but then I looked over at Dad and I could tell that a little bit of him died that day. I could see he was thinking, ‘What’s happened to my vet son?’ But we laugh about it now.

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We’ve heard that you’re both sharing a house over in the jungle this time.

Julia: We are. And it’s going to be amazing…

Will you cook some meals for Julia, Chris?

Of course I will. With the bachelor spatula!

Julia: He makes an unbelievable natural chocolate. Hurtful, it’s got a coconut theme to it.

Are you still on your sugar-free diet, Julia?

Yeah, I’m still going. There’s the odd day when I say, ‘Oh, I’m going to have to get involved with some sort of caramel slice,’ but they’re few and far between.

Besides staying away from sugar, are there any other tips that you swear by?

Lots of water. And I try to stick to a tick list of as much good stuff as I can. So there’s no sneaking off to get a Violet Crumble from the newsagent.

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It’s been reported that you’ve lost 20 kilograms…

I’ve literally been the same size for five years. I lost a bit of under-chin stuff when we were in Africa last year, but that’s it. It was all because of the Instagram picture I put up last May [a bikini snap]. I wish I hadn’t done it because I was sort of showing off. I was bored and I was like, ‘I’ll put that online, I don’t look too bad,’ and then, oh my God!

Will you both be putting in some time at the gym while you’re over there?

Chris: I set up a gym of steel objects last season; literally a jungle gym. But this time I think we’re getting a real one – I’ll be there.

Julia: As will I, obviously, though while Chris is working out, I’ll be relaxing in the glass-atrium spa.

Would you say your connection is stronger heading back in for a second time?

Chris: Yeah, it’s stronger, with more familiarity.

Julia: I think over the past 12 months he’s been really obsessed with me, which has been really hard. Obviously, I want to reach out and touch him… emotionally.

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Have you been able to catch up with each other much since the last season of I’m a Celeb… wrapped?

Chris: I’ve been down to Melbourne a few times to catch up. I went to Julia’s comedy show and hung out at her house with Dan and the kids. Dan and I have a very good relationship.

Dan doesn’t mind the Chris love, Julia?

Dan? No. Before I went away the first time, he said to me, ‘I had a look at a photo of Dr Chris and I just thought, “If he turns his attention to my wife there’s not much I can do about it. I’ve just got to hope she comes back to me.”’ I said, ‘I may or may not come back. That’s how it may be, so get used to it.’ [Laughs] No, Dan is very confident.

Can you give us any hints about who the celeb contenders might be?

Julia: I don’t know, but Channel 10 certainly has its pick. It’s been inundated with people asking to be considered.

Chris: We find out a week before. I hope they send in [The Living Room chef] Miguel Maestre – he would drive everyone insane, and he’s also a very good chef.

Joel Creasey and Heather Maltman are also hosting companion show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here NOW!. Are you looking forward to spending some time with them?

Chris: Yeah, it’s going to be a different dynamic having an extra two people over there, but they’re such good fun and I think they’ll add a lot to the experience.

Julia: I’ve been calling them our mini-mes. I didn’t miss a moment of The Bachelor and Heather was my personal fave from early on.

Chris, have you ever been approached to be Australia’s next Bachelor? Would you consider it?

I’ve heard little whispers, but I don’t know if I could do it. For now I’m very comfortable just using the conventional ways of finding a girlfriend.

There’s also been talk you’ll be hosting Australian Survivor – is there any truth to those rumours?

I’ve been asked about it a lot. I don’t know. I want to keep working as a vet… If it means I have to give that up, I wouldn’t do it.

What would you both like to see more of in the jungle this season?

Julia: I’d like to see people using the opportunity to raise subjects that will open discussions in the home, whether that’s gay marriage or perimenopause – why doesn’t anyone ever talk about that? It’s amazing, but people only talk about menopause.

Chris: I hope there’s someone like Maureen McCormick again. I was hooked on her and Anna Heinrich’s storyline – were they ever going to pash? I was convinced Anna would eventually cave; Maureen was pretty insistent.

One of the big discussions around camp is obviously about food, and the lack of it. Do you feel sorry for them?

Chris: I eat so much over there it’s ridiculous. The South Africans know how to eat! And our personal chef is great.

Julia: I was so full I couldn’t concentrate on how hungry they were. I just said, ‘Seriously, if I have one more lamb chop, I’m done.’

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