Written by OK Staff, September 7, 2016

While a little piece of us broke inside when Bachelor Richie Strahan, 31, sent home sweetheart Queensland hairdresser Faith, 26, she tells OK! that it wasn’t all tears and a big tub of ice-cream to mend her broken heart once she’d said her goodbyes.

It was sad to see you go!

I was actually quite happy that I left when I did.

Oh, really?

I was happy, but sad to go at the same time because I think it’s better to go earlier than once he’s met your family and you really start to visualise yourself with him. I did hint to Richie a few times that if I wasn’t the girl at the end that I would prefer to go home before hometown dates.


You said he was your ‘forever’. Was there real chemistry there?

How embarrassing! He’s definitely the type of guy I would like to be with and I felt like in the house I definitely had feelings for him, but when I left you leave that bubble and come back to real life. Since then I realise that the whole environment makes you think you’re more into him [than you might be]. Now when I look at the other girls and their dates I’m like, ‘Wow, I was miles behind!’

Do you think that he’d decided on which girl he would choose before the hometown dates?

Yeah, I thought that he chose his lady a couple of weeks before.

And who was that?

I thought Nikki… definitely Nikki or Alex. I felt that he had a strong connection with them.

Have you started to date again?

I haven’t. I’m not really sure if I’m ready just yet, but if the right person comes along, you never know.

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