Written by Zoë Holloway, August 31, 2016

There’s no doubt we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of ladies’ man and professional partier Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle in 2016 – especially as he’s landed himself another stint on Ex on the Beach, and Geordie Shore is currently heading into its 13th season!

While Gaz was hitting Aussie shores recently, OK! sat down with the 28-year-old party boy to ask him all about his wild ways…

So, what’s the most drinks you’ve had in one night?

Maybe 25… but the thing with me is, you’ll never see me paralytic. I get to a point where I start getting dizzy and I just stop. I can’t physically get past that stage; my body physically won’t let me drink any more.

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You’re back on Ex on the Beach – have you ever had sex on the beach?

Yes and it’s the worst thing in the world! It’s just shit! It sounds amazing but there’s sand everywhere. There’s sand in your arse, behind your bellend. It’s not as sexy as everyone thinks it is.

OK, where’s been the weirdest place?

On a little moped in Greece. I had a girl on the back, and we went down this little country lane and pulled in, the sun was just coming up and it was really nice – but then this little old Greek man came and rode past… he didn’t seem to mind, but it was weird for me that this old Greek man was watching.

Biggest Geordie Shore regret?

I don’t think I have any. With Geordie Shore, I did everything I wanted to do. I joined a young lad, 22, and everyone was like, ‘When are you going to get with Charlotte, etc’ – but why would I want a girlfriend at that time? We were on spring break in Cancun and travelling everywhere, Europe, Australia.

Obviously I did try the thing with Charlotte, but I wouldn’t change how I did it.

A lot of the Geordie Shore girls look very different to how they did when they first started – whose transformation has impressed you the most?

Probably Holly’s transformation! Holly was minging when she first started, I’m not even going to lie. She used to wear, like, nine pairs of eyelashes and used to wear kind of goth-y clothes and obviously she was a big girl.

But now, if you look at Holly’s make-up and her hair and the way she presents herself, she’s done extremely well.

Dressing room selfie 📸

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Have you been on Tinder in Australia?

I was literally just on Tinder then, but people don’t believe it’s me! I’ll usually have to follow them on Twitter or something first before they’ll believe me.

Have you ever been on a Tinder date?

Not so much date, the last girl came to my hotel. She came round, she was nice, didn’t look exactly like her pictures but still fit.

Do you think you’ll marry an Aussie girl?

Yeah definitely, 9 times out of 10. I actually want to move out here so I’ll probably do another year and a half of Geordie Shore then move out here.

What would your life out here look like?

My dream house is probably on the Gold Coast. I don’t want to go out too much – I’ve done that my whole twenties, but I love watersports and I’d love to just have a jet-ski parked out the back of my house and go to the gym. I just want to move out here and live a healthy gym-beachy life.

Biggest celeb you’ve been on a date with?

I don’t really go on dates, but I don’t want to say the biggest celeb because I know who they’re married to now.

Celebrity crush?

Jessica Alba or Cara Delevingne

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Best pick-up line?

For me it’s different because people know who I am. People talk to me and say, ‘Oh, you’re not what I thought you’d be like!’ People expect me to be this stuck-up, arrogant prick but I’m not. So I usually use, ‘I guarantee if you spend five minutes with me you’d be surprised.’

Worst thing you’ve ever had to do because of losing a bet?

I’ve been naked quite a few times, in Geordie Shore we do stupid small things like, ‘Go turn on the aircon’ or ‘Go get the remote’; but outside of Geordie Shore quite a few nudie runs – I hate them though.

Any advice for the single lads out there?

Just be honest, I think a lot of people forget that. And just be nice! I think a lot of boys think it’s clever to just get a girl back and then kick her out at 4am, but being nice will go so far.

If I pull a girl, whether I shag her or not, she goes to leave in the morning I always make sure they can leave OK – if they need a taxi or anything. Just so if she goes to tell her friends, ‘I shagged Gaz last night… He was actually really nice.’

And then, if you go to pull one of their friends two months later they go, ‘Oh no, Gaz is alright he’s really nice.’ If you’re a dick, she won’t go home with you because you were a dick to her friend [laughs].

And what about your advice for the single ladies?

Just be yourself and trust that it will happen! Don’t stress about getting a boyfriend, it will honestly happen for you one day.

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 01: Gary Beadle attends the cast of 'Ex on The Beach' promote the series starting 16th August on August 1, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Luca Teuchmann/WireImage)

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