Written by OK Staff, January 16, 2016

We’ll be seeing a lot more of professional partier Scott ‘Scotty T’ Timlin in 2016 – he’s appearing on the new season of Ex on the Beach, he’ll return to Geordie Shore for its 12th outing, and he even has a cameo on Neighbours!

Scotty T hit Australian shores recently and while here, the 27-year-old came clean with OK! on his wild life.

It’s no secret that you like to take a girl home. Have you spent the night with many Australian ladies?

I’m not going to lie; I’ve slept with a fair few Aussie girls.

How do the Australian ladies compare to the women back home in England?

They are all f—ing mint. They all have lovely arses, lovely bodies and they don’t have hair extensions like in the UK, where you shag them and there’s fake hair floating around.

We heard you’ve slept with over 400 women, is that right?

I’m wicked in bed…

Kisses!!! ????

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What do your parents think about you sharing your wild ways on TV?

My dad and brother think I’m a legend. My mum is just starting to grasp the whole thing, but she’s happy that I have a job. They aren’t surprised by any of it because I’ve always been a nightmare. I had ADD [attention deficit disorder] the whole time I was younger, and then I was always in trouble, getting arrested, I was uncontrollable… My parents know exactly what I’m like – a f—ing idiot!

You’ve hooked up with all the girls in the Geordie Shore house. If you had to choose one to be in a long-term relationship with, who would it be?

It wouldn’t be Char [Charlotte Crosby] because she’s my best mate. It wouldn’t be Holly [Hagan] because of the way she’s been going on with Kyle [Christie]. Holly and Chloe [Etherington] are psychopaths, so it would probably have to be Marnie [Simpson], but I’d rather not have any. How about Aaron [Chalmers]?

Photoshoot time with the crew haha bedtimes @charlottegshore @gazgshore @hollygshore

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Do you have plans to settle down eventually? Do you think you’ll have kids one day?

I will once Geordie Shore is finished, but now I’m having too much fun. I’ll have kids and calm down, but until then I’m going to go f—ing wild.

You and Gaz [Gary Beadle] are close pals. Who’s the better wingman?

Me. I always end up getting him a friend of a girl I’m with to shag – he’s more interested in talking about himself!

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