Written by Amber Elias, February 12, 2016

Last night’s Myer Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Launch brought the cream of Australia’s fashion and social scene together, but the hottest look was on the runway.

The makeup, designed by Napoleon Perdis and his team, had two parts, both inspired by a beautiful stormy winter. The the first look represents the calm before the storm, with warm, soft, matte colour on the eyes. The look then progresses into when the storm hits for Look 2. Cooler grey tones were used and built up to a more intense finish. A pop of metallic colour on the inner corner of the eye contrasts against the matte tones, and makes the eyes look more open. 

Not forgetting the hair, which was directed by Kevin Murphy and led by head stylist James Nicholson, was inspired by American actress Chloë Sevigny. Her signature look of wet hair and a dry ponytail pulled back at the nape of the neck was brought to life on the runway.

Murphy said of the look “embellishments have been incorporated into the launch so the hair needs to be chic and simple to ensure balance.” The stylist added “it’s important that the hair doesn’t look too complicated or intrusive on the fashion,” and we couldn’t agree more! The ponytails were uniform in thickness and length, and hair colour was contrasted throughout.

Scroll through to read to how-to’s of the hottest new season looks! 

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– Cleanse the skin with a milky face wash and prep with a radiant primer.

– Start by defining and adding strength to your brows to anchor the look. Work the tip of the Napoleon Perdis Wand-er Brow wand through the brows to mimic fine hairs and create natural looking definition. Make eyes look more open with a coat of mascara.

– Enhance your bone structure using a subtle highlighter. Blend Napoleon Perdis Light Switch Luminizer Palette over the high-points of the face. Aim for the tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and brow bone.

– Even skin tone by concealing around the eyes and blending with a soft, fluffy brush. Add a lightweight base only where needed to cover redness and imperfections.

– Sculpt your eyes with different intensities of matte taupe. Start softy and build to your desired intensity. Sweep Napoleon Perdis Nude U – Eyes, Cheeks and Brows Palette through the socket of the eye, then blend out with lighter shades.

– Contrast your matte shading with a pop of metallic. Press Napoleon Perdis Loose Eye Dust in Star Light on the inner corner of your eyes.

– To finish the look, pat the Napoleon Perdis DéVine Goddess Lipstick in Niki onto lips.

Myer Hair &make up photos by Lucas Dawson (33) copy



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