Written by Sara Bordon, February 4, 2016

We were a tad confused when Zayn Malik labelled himself and Gigi Hadid ‘good friends’ in a radio interview last week, but FINALLY the relationship has been confirmed!

The 20-year-old model and the former boy-bander have been dating since last year, but they’ve been quite shy when it comes to labelling their union.

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However, after much probing in a radio interview with Zach Sang & the Gang, the 23-year-old singer has finally admitted to their romance. Well, sort of…

After Zach asked, ‘Was it cool to have you girlfriend in the video?’ Zayn replied in a roundabout way.

Zayn and Gigi

‘Yeah it was cool. It was something different. We enjoyed it, it was fun. Had a lot of fun on set,’ Zayn replied.

Not satisfied with his response, the interviewer prompted, ‘No-one easier to make out with than your own girlfriend, right?’ to which the star replied, ‘Exactly.’

Gigi also appeared to confirm her relationship with the singer in an interview with LOVE magazine, revealing that she dates famous men because they have a shared understanding of what life is like in the spotlight.

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‘It’s the same thing as dating someone within the industry rather than out of the industry. You only understand it when you’re literally experiencing it,’ the model said.

Well, that’s cleared things up! Glad to know that #Zigi is officially official.

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