Written by Zoë Holloway, November 29, 2016

Guy Sebastian has opened up about his religious past, revealing that he’s cut all ties with the Assemblies of God church he was raised in.

The singer spoke with the Herald Sun about his strict religious upbringing, candidly admitting that he did not have a positive experience when he was a member.

‘I was in something that was very manipulative and very controlling, but there are a lot of beautiful people who are in the faith,’ Guy tells.

He went on to say that the church was strict in their views of right and wrong, and that ‘it became very much about a set of rules and you’re judged on that.

‘If anybody broke away from it, or questioned it, then you had a “bad attitude”, or were “drifting away”, or “not worthy”.’

His experience wasn’t all negative, however, as the 35-year-old met his wife Jules through the church when he was just 13! Aw.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 03:  Guy Sebastian and Jules Egan arrive ahead of the David Jones Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Launch at Fox Studios on August 3, 2016 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images for David Jones)

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