Written by Zoë Holloway, August 26, 2016

While last night’s chocolate bath episode of The Bachelor was one of the strangest we’ve seen, we doubt it’s going to compare to Hamish Blake appearing on the show dressed as a toddler next week.

Speaking with his radio co-host Andy Lee yesterday, Hamish admitted, ‘As you know, I’m a fan of The Bachelor, and it’s always been my dream to have you be the Bachelor,’

‘As part of my campaign to get insider knowledge and to start buttering up the producers, earlier this year I was offered the chance to create a date on The Bachelor. I went to the mansion. I set up a date for Richie. It airs next Thursday night.’

The Bachelor S4 Ep12 Single Date -  Hamish Blake and Richie  (2)

Apparently, Hamish was approached by the Bachie producers to create a date and what he came up with was to test Richie and his chosen ladies’ competence when looking after a toddler, saying:

The Bachelor is fun, but life is not all jetskis, helicopters, going on picnics and stuff. Life is hard. Life is real. If you really want to test your relationship, see how you go with a toddler. If you can try and have a day out with a toddler and still get some time to yourself, then congratulations, you guys might work,’

‘I dressed up as a three-year-old for the day and I put them to the test. I became a kid called Rory and I made sure I gave Richie the worst day of his life. And if he wasn’t looking after me at any stage I could cancel their date.’

The Bachelor S4 Ep12 Single Date - Hamish Blake (3)

Yikes! We cannot wait to see this.

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