Written by OK Staff, January 17, 2016

They haven’t even left for the South African jungle – where they’ll film new companion show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here NOW! – but Joel Creasey, 25, and Heather Maltman, 30, are already squabbling.

‘You’re like a husband, let me speak,’ laughs Bachelor babe Heather as she and Joel, who spent 41 days in the jungle last year, tell of how they’ve got to know each other, and their party plans for the jungle.

What are you most looking forward to when it comes to heading to South Africa?

Heather: Not the random insects that may decide to bury under my skin and live there.

Joel: I want more fights.

Not between the two of you?

Heather: No, there’s been a lot of snuggling.

Joel: And drunk messages.

Heather: Oh my God, they’re amazing. Random messages at 4am from Joel at Poof Doof! He wants to take me there.

Joel: In the meantime, we’ll just have to party in the jungle. There will be partying this year for sure.

Have you sorted out who’ll be cooking and cleaning?

Joel: I have OCD, so I’m actually a really good person to live with.

Heather: So do I! Hopefully we have different versions.

Are you going to get involved in the challenges?

Heather: I’ll give it a crack.

Is it game on between you guys and Chris Brown and Julia Morris? They’ve been calling you their mini-mes…

Heather: I think that’s because they’re scared of calling us their replacements.

Joel: We’re like their younger, naughtier brother and sister. Our show is going to be later, a little looser and they’re going to have a tough time keeping us in line.

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Joel, there are rumours Big Brother’s Tully Smyth is going into the jungle…

We don’t know who’s going in. I think that if she were going in she’d have reached out

to me for advice and she hasn’t. Maybe she just doesn’t trust me – who knows? I can’t keep a secret. I think she’d be great, though.

Heather, would you like to see any Bachelor ladies in there?

Yeah, I really want Tessa Moritz to go in. She was the one who got changed into boots on

the first night. I think she’d really nail it.

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