Written by Zoë Holloway, March 29, 2016

Former supermodel and TV personality Janice Dickinson has revealed to Daily Mail Online that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The diagnosis came as a surprise to the 61-year-old, as she initially went to see her doctor regarding a stomach issue.

However, during a full medical examination, the doctor noticed a ‘pea-sized’ lump in her right breast.

‘[He said] this doesn’t feel right… We have to be real comprehensive with this and have it checked out,’ Janice said.

Three days later, the mother-of-two went to the hospital for a mammogram, and was phoned with the results a day later while out shopping with her 22-year-old daughter Savannah.

‘I got a call from Rocky [Gerner, 68, Janice’s fiancé], telling me the doctor was trying to get a hold of me. Then the doctor called me and told me, yes it’s positive for cancer,’ she recalled.

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Janice’s family, while distraught, are supporting her wholeheartedly and vowing to stay strong during this difficult period.

And as for Janice herself, she refuses to see the illness as a death sentence.

‘I had to find the courage I possess as a woman, that we all have as women, and then I had to put my chin up and my shoulders back and take it moment by moment,’ she says. ‘Don’t feel sorry for me, this is not a pity party… I’m Janice Dickinson and I’m gonna stick around for a long, long time. You ain’t getting rid of me yet.’

We’re all wishing you a speedy recovery, Janice!

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