Written by Sara Bordon, December 31, 2015

While we were devastated when Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck split after 10 years together, recent reports of a new romance have us believing in love again!

Jen, 43, is reportedly dating her Valentine’s Day co-star Patrick Dempsey, 49.


With Patrick dealing with his own marriage breakdown, filing for divorce from his wife Jillian Fink earlier this year, it is believed that Jen reached out to the actor, and the pair met for coffee.

‘They’ve been friends for years… it was only natural for them to confide in each other,’ a source said. ‘As soon as they started talking, the spark was evident to both of them. Jen was relieved – and excited.’

Jen and Patrick reportedly met for a second date over dinner, which ‘ended up lasting a whole weekend’ a source revealed.

While it’s still early days, our finger are crossed that this will be one of the hottest Hollywood hook-ups of 2016!

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