Written by OK Staff, March 9, 2016

Sports fans were shocked and heartbroken when Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin opened up about his secret mental health battles last September in the midst of footy finals.

And with his loving fiancé Jesinta Campbell by his side, he faced his demons head on and returned to the AFL field.

Fast-forward six months, and now Jesinta is opening up about what went on behind closed doors when Buddy left the couple’s home for a month-long treatment program.

Jes and Buddy

‘When he [Buddy] was in care I was by myself for four weeks,’ the model revealed during a Women In Conversation panel discussion for David Jones. ‘My family were all away, I did everything by myself. I did not drop one single one of my work commitments. I showed up. Sometimes I was a nervous wreck before showing up.’

‘I actually had a David Jones appearance, the night before I had a reckoning. My manager wanted to take me to hospital I was that emotionally unstable,’ says the 24-year-old, admitting that she shunned the advice because she didn’t want to let people down. ‘But I just had to keep on keeping, because it was, you know, I just had to do the best with what I had. I did it my way and I’m so glad I did it my way because I’ve come out so much stronger and better for it.’

‘I did that entire situation the way I needed to do it for myself and also the way it needed to be done for the person I was supporting.’
To add to her private pain and mountain of work commitments, Jesinta told the panel she was struggling to ignore online trolls who questioned her loyalty to Buddy, 29.

‘I remember one day I got an extremely nasty comment from a woman on Instagram,’ she began. ‘It was the first time Bud had actually come out of care and it had been quite a long period of time and I had to take him to the Sydney Swans for a meeting. And this girl absolutely blasted me. “How dare you? You are disgusting! Look at the way you are dressed when you took him to the club! You obviously called the paparazzi and wanted to be photographed! You’re using this to leverage your PR and you just look glamorous!” And I was like, “You know what? I’m just trying to do the absolute best I can.”’


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