Written by OK Staff, January 21, 2016

Jess Mauboy has revealed that her and her man Themeli Magripilis keep their relationship hot with a few risqué text messages.
‘Holy moly, I have many photos. I don’t do the ones with my head. No eye contact, no face,’ she said to Show & Tell of the steamy photos she sends to her man.
Jess, 26, has been with Themeli for more than seven years after meeting him, and pinching his bum, at a nightclub.

‘I was dared to walk across the room in the club and pinch this guy,’ she said.

‘After a while I kept seeing him around town when I came back to Darwin to visit … we’d catch each others eyes and that was it.’

And Jess wanted to point out that she was the first one to make the move for the pair to have an exclusive relationship.
‘I’m the one who made the move and ended up getting his number from a really good friend. I texted and said, ‘I’d really like this to work. How about you?’ she says.

You go Jess!

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