Written by OK Staff, February 5, 2016

My Kitchen Rules’ second group of home cooks are set to hit our screens – among them, controversial contender Jessica, 30.

The Victorian foodie, who entered the show with her childhood friend Marcos, 29, admits she’s a ‘feather ruffler’.

But Jess – who is a staunch believer in living a healthy lifestyle, including eliminating foods such as chocolate and oil from her diet – tells OK! it was something more personal than incidents with others on the show that left her scratching her head.

‘I suffered some pretty bizarre allergic reactions from introducing foreign things into my diet,’ she admits. ‘[I’d] always make sure to take an antihistamine before dinner.’

Eating smaller quantities of the meals she was required to taste also helped. ‘I ate my food in moderation,’ she tells.


While Jessica’s opinions caused some commotion around the table, she insists she comes from a good place.

‘Based on the obesity epidemic that Australia is currently facing, I feel it’s very important for people from all walks of life to adjust to a more balanced way of eating,’ she explains.


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