Written by OK Staff, February 26, 2016

Fitness guru Jillian Michaels, 42, tells OK! why she let the cameras into the home she shares with partner Heidi Rhoades and their children, Lukensia, five, and Phoenix, three, for her new docu-series.

What made you do the show?

It became a running joke. Our lives are a comedy of errors, so we put it out there to normalise a few things.

Like what?

When we first spoke of the show I was running late for an appointment because I had trouble picking up Heidi’s mailorder chickens – that’s normal, right?

We know you’re into health – how big a part does that play in your house?

We always say that our kids are free range – they have a social network and it’s called ‘outside’.

And how about food? Are the kids allowed to eat McDonald’s?

No, we don’t do any of that. My daughter walked out of gymnastics with a neon blue popsicle the other day and I was like, ‘This is is just a f—ing no.’ I made her a deal to get a smoothie instead. It’s more calories, but who cares? I care about the chemicals, that’s what I don’t want.

Watch Just Jillian, Wednesday 9.30pm on E!

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