Written by OK Staff, September 5, 2016

There’s still some serious bad blood between Jennifer Lopez and her first husband Ojani Noa!

Ojani married Jennifer in 1997 – but he claims she broke his heart when they divorced the following year.

‘I was looking forward to being with her for the rest of my life. It didn’t happen,’ he told host Patti Stanger on Million Dollar Matchmaker. ‘She made the choice of her career instead of me.’

Last year, Ojani made headlines when he threatened to release a sex tape of his 47-year-old ex. But the former model and waiter insists that Jennifer was the villain in their break-up.

‘My heart was broken in many, many pieces,’ says Ojani, 42. ‘I was really hurt; it hurt me.’

While Patti acknowledged Ojani had been wounded by the divorce, she wasn’t prepared to excuse his subsequent bad boy behaviour.

‘He lost the love of his life and now he protects himself by being a playboy,’ she commented.

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