Written by Zoë Holloway, July 12, 2016

From Kanye’s Twitter rants to his bratty behaviour, it seems Kim Kardashian has reached the end of her tether with her husband. On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the reality star showed up fashionably late to Kanye’s music video shoot in Iceland and missed the whole thing – and Kanye was not impressed!


‘I feel so mad, I feel so guilty – the one thing I was out here to do, I missed,’ a devastated Kim lamented. ‘We flew all the way out here for him, and I did say from the beginning my number-one priority is the video.’

The 35-year-old went to Iceland to support Kanye, and convinced sister Kourtney to celebrate her 37th birthday there with them. But on the day of Kanye’s shoot, the sisters’ sightseeing trip ran over – leading to Kim missing the shoot, and Kanye, 39, storming out in the middle of a meal.

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‘I usually have my shit together so I’m just kind of disappointed in myself,’ said Kim. ‘He’s annoyed that I didn’t see him perform. So, today was my fault.’


This tension between Kim and Kanye is nothing new for the couple, with rumours of divorce swirling for months. Kim has expressed frustration at Kanye’s wild rants and bizarre behaviour in the past, and is sick of playing the dutiful wife when Kanye continues to cause friction within their marriage.


And her frustrations don’t stop there! Recently Kanye prepared a get -together with Beyoncé and Jay Z with a special chef, only to have them cancel with no explanation – and Kanye had nothing to say about it. Kim was beyond irritated that her husband refused to stand up to the power couple, and no longer wants to be associated with them, refusing to silence her feelings.

Despite all this tension Kanye is pushing for baby number three, but Kim admits she doesn’t think she will be able to carry another one. No matter what happens, it seems as though it will be a bumpy road ahead.


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