Written by Sara Bordon, February 11, 2016

In yet another bizarre Twitter rant, Kanye West has shocked his fans by defending accused sex offender, Bill Cosby, tweeting, ‘BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!’

The 38-year-old has fired off a series of strange tweets over the last few days, which many suspect is a publicity stunt for his new collaboration with Adidas, Yeezy Season 3.


In the past two days alone, Kanye has bragged about his celeb pals, ‘I have to call @FloydMayweather and @LeoDicaprio, I spoke to @MikeTyson yesterday’ and announced that he will be ‘only working on kid’s clothing… full time’.

The notoriously self-obsessed rapper also posted a screenshot of an article that read ‘Is Kanye the greatest artist of the 21st century?’ with his own humble caption, ‘Now they know.’ 

But the tweet proclaiming Bill Cosby’s innocence proved the most controversial. While Kanye is known for his eccentric behaviour, it’s caused a stir among his loyal fans, who were shocked that at his public comment.

Has Kanye finally taken it too far?

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