Written by Zoë Holloway, June 8, 2016

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t think Kate Upton was a total fit and healthy beauty; and although we’ve always known the 23-year-old worked out, we weren’t quite sure just how hard – that is, until now.

Kate’s trainer Ben Bruno has been working with the actress and model for eight months now in order to get her into peak pre-wedding shape. So when she isn’t walking red carpets with her loved-up fiancé Justin Verlander, she’s sweating it out with Ben, who has done nothing but praise the star for her ‘total badass’ diet and exercise regime.

‘Her progress has been amazing,’ he says. ‘She trains harder than just about any client I’ve ever had. I’ve trained a lot of athletes and Kate trains as hard as anybody.

‘She’s very dedicated, works hard and the other part too that kind of goes hand in hand with what we do in the gym is that she’s got her eating on track. She’s very disciplined with her eating. She’s been great about limiting sugar.’

Ben reveals that Kate’s favourite meals are ‘turkey meatballs and salad with chicken’, and that similar to other models who preach that healthy eating is a lifestyle, Kate has sweet treats but conforms to ‘everything in moderation’.

@kateupton supersets heavy landmine reverse lunges with some equally impressive dance moves. Strong! ????????

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When it comes to exercise, it sounds like Kate loves the gym just as much as Ben, doing between 60 minutes and two hours of strength-based circuits, five times a week.

‘We do do cardio just not in the traditional sense,’ says Ben. ‘We do strength-based circuit training. It’s all weights. We are doing weights and we are focusing on getting stronger. Kate’s gotten really strong. She has transformed her body for the better.’

Working off that #napavalley trip! ????????????#earningmywine @benbrunotraining

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